6th in my series of young finnish men, i look for the essence of finnishness in them.
this is Teemu, 21, who was studying information technology in my school last spring when this was shot. i saw him walk by me in the cafeteria and he had this character i wanted to capture. he was a very straightforward person, but extremely reserved. only after the 1.5 hour shoot i felt as if he slowly started to 'open up' as cliche as that sounds. he then said he doesn't care too much about anything. it seemed honest as whatever he said in general. he had this careless, although not unfriendly, attitude and he wouldn't express much emotion. i think that in his modern choice of career and hobbies (live action roleplaying) he was still very much the way i think we have been for some thousand years. very cool, i hope to have captured this.

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