im currently located in Helsinki, Finland. Istanbul, Turkey London, UK.

using my work

please do not use my work on your site/CD cover/flyer/concert poster/etc without my permission. if you are interested in using my work in some way, write me at jen AT

note: personal use (not published) or school presentations etc. do not require permission. duh.

using my work without permission is not recommended as i'm pretty anal about copyright laws and enforcing them.

if you want to buy prints of my work, go here if you dont find what you want in there, ask me, it might be doable.

i appreciate your support.


i wonder if i'm ever gonna put anything here... it really doesn't seem like my kind of a thing. oh wait, maybe it is.

art education
who cares, srsly? :)


you can write me at jenni.tapanila (gmail)

Q: what do you use for blood?
A: i use fake blood that i buy from a theatre supply store. Kryolan or Cinema Secrets or similar. please see [link] for more information.

Q: why don't you have a fancy site with flash, black background and super duper cool design and shizz?
A: so that you could ask me why
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