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gear etc.

my oldest photos are taken with pentax Z-1 35mm camera (like the one of grand piano)

next i used a 2MP (!! :D) canon digital ixus. since then i have been shooting with canon eos 10D, canon eos 20D and now canon eos 5D
i have 3 studio flashes, softboxes and little things like that.

i shoot in the corner of my living room unless in a bathroom or outside. lately i have been shooting less, unfortunately, due to lack of inspiration or god would know what if he excisted.

/updated march 28 2010
fun stuff

i like doing good interviews, so i just googled some of mine and here are the links :)

written by Angelo Sotira aka Spyed
written by wb-skinner
written by Dawniris
part I and part II written by johnnyjinx
written by Amniva
written by Annie Crabtree
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at work

i had the pleasure of meeting forensic biologist Mark Benecke as he visited me with this model. he took some shots while i was working with her and here are a few in case you want to see what goes on behind those photos...
planning a pose
actually taking a photo
showing the photo from the tiny camera LCD screen
applying blood
doing make up
thanks Mark and Lu :)
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